Reducing DevOps Technical Debt by Upgrading Image/File Processing

A Blitline Webinar for Digital Platforms and SaaS Providers

About this webinar

If your company provides a digital platform or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, then you know that technical debt is nearly unavoidable.

This debt detracts from core product innovation, slows down systems, crashes software, and wastes both time and money.

Homegrown image/file processing solutions that leverage Open Source code are one of the largest culprits.

Join this webinar to hear a developer’s point-of-view and explore how File Processing-as-a-Service (FPaaS) SaaS API solutions like Blitline ( can help you to pay down DevOps technical debt and close platform security vulnerabilities.

Who you are

* Part of a DevOps, Engineering, Technology or Product team
* Supporting a digital platform (e.g. DAM), cloud software solution or streaming media platform
* That dynamically transform & process images, videos, audio files, documents and/or other media types
* Using either a) In-house solutions built on Open Source or b) 3rd party file processing-as-a-service (FPaaS) solutions

What you'll learn

* Role of image & file processing in digital and SaaS platforms * Common image/file processing approaches * Pitfalls of mainstream approaches * Introduction to the file processing-as-a-service (FPaaS) alternative * Solution comparisons * Learning more about FPaaS

Your Webinar Presenter

Jason Malcolm
Blitline LLC
  • Jason Malcolm
    Blitline LLC